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[about it]
Icon Paradise is a small community for posting icons of any series and/or kind. You do not have to have years of experience with icons to join-beginners are most definitely encouraged. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at: luminousdream@hotmail.com, I'm always glad to answer questions or take requests.

This is an open community-meaning anyone can join. Not just ones I choose and approve. But please, if you'd like to join: fill out this form in a post.
websites/blogs (this one is optional):
favorite things:
(and just for pure randomness) favorite book:



Things you can do in posts:

post icons (they do not have to be under a cut, but if you have more than, say, twenty, please do us all a favor and put them under a cut)

post icon resources (with links as to where to download)

ramble (as long as it's pertaining to icons/graphics/things like that)

anything else that has to to with icons and such that I haven't mentioned that isn't illegal

Things you cannot do in posts/comments:

post porno icons-gross!

place advertising for your company and/or spam stuff

be mean (constructive criticism=happiness; meanness= :-( )