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Gray Textures/First Post!

  • May. 19th, 2007 at 6:04 PM

Morning Grey
Gray textures can come in handy many, many times. There are endless possibilities with gray textures (note:I'm planning to do a mini tutorial on gray textures). These are some Example Icons
Example 1Example 2

1.Please tell me if you decide to take them
2.Credit me!
3.Have fun! And no stealing!

Hello everyone, this is the first post in my community! It's definitely microscopic right now but....whatev. So anyway, I thought I'd celebrate the first entry with some gray textures! If you have any further questions/requests please e-mail me at: luminousdream@hotmail.com Thanks!
Welcome to ICONXPARADISE7: where all icons are in heaven! We don't have any members as of yet (well, except me) but I'm hoping that will change.
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